New Point Pipera Residential Complex – the most recently built residential complex in a prestigious area

January 29, 2019
New Point Pipera - the most recently built residential complex in a prestigious area

NEW POINT RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX is located in Pipera. In the last few years, this residential area has grown a lot in terms of both economics factors and commercial factors. Pipera has become not only the center of business all over Bucharest and its surroundings, but also a residential universe with modern and beautiful buildings. These buildings are well structured and offer to their inhabitants generous spaces, modern designed, a lot of facilities and green areas.


What makes Pipera the best residential option for you?


Are you looking for a place called home and you haven’t decided yet where would you like to live?
Well, this is a hard decision, especially when we talk about one limited budget or about the facilities which can help you improve your quality of life.
Even if, in a big city like Bucharest, it is absolutely compulsory to gain access to the most important access points, you should take into account some important factors, like noise and air pollution, crowdedness, and a higher cost of property for the places located in the center of the city.
If your budget is limited and you really want a home with a generous space, clean air, peacefulness and relaxation, New Point Pipera Residential Complex can be a countable option.


Why New Point Pipera Residential Complex?


New Point Pipera Residential has the most modern and the most accessible quality standards, and a series of facilities designed to certify that the Shikun & Bunui Real Estate’s project is the best solution for your needs: a good local public transport, access to a quality education system, but also a well-organized medical system.

In the first stage, Pipera Residential Complex includes 6 blocks of flats. Each building has 68 apartments, from double studios, 2 room apartments to 3 room apartments, all of these having accomplished all the criteria for a quality life. A big part of these flats are sold out, and even the proprieties from the second stage have already been reserved.
The best-selling properties have been the double-studio apartments and the 2 room apartments, the price for these starting from 59.000 euros without VAT.


Advantages of Pipera New Point Residential Complex


  • New Point Pipera offers a great advantage for all the people who work in the corporate office buildings situated in Northern Bucharest. The complex is located in Pipera, so the way to the office and back is no longer calculated in hours, but in minutes.
  • New Point Pipera offers quietness and relaxation, but also the possibility of spending more time closer to nature. The location of this residential complex is very close to Baneasa forest, and also, there is a park inside the complex.
  • New Point Pipera offers easy access to the public transport, situated just right next to the residential complex
  • New Point Pipera Residential Complex has a 24/7 security and surveillance system
  • The entrance to the New Point Pipera Residential Complex is allowed only for the residents, their visitors having to be confirmed by the residents before arriving at the gates.


Other facilities:


  • bicycle parking lots
  • elegant lobby
  • water pumping system for keeping the pressure
  • kindergarten soon to come.

Besides, if you choose to live in New Point Pipera, you will feel soon integrated into a real community. Also, you will have a series of facilities in close proximity to the residential complex:


  • Education: Mark Twain International School, Pipera Private School, Quest Field School, British School, Olga Gudynn International School.
  • Health: Regina Maria Pipera clinic, Anima Clinic, Medicover Pipera.
  • Shopping: Mega Image, Lidl, Jollie Ville, Carrefour Market, Mall Baneasa, Mall Promenada, Pipera Plaza, Pipera Shopping Center and Cubic Center.
  • Sport: World Class Atlantins, Meiyo Gym, X Body Pipera, World Class Jollie Ville, Rose Pilates Studio and Planet Swim&Gym
  • Restaurants: Doncaffe Brasserie Pipera, Culinart Restaurant, La HongKong, Zaman Lebanese, Osteria Salsamenteria and Amvrosia
  • Public Transport: Bus 475 and 445.

The life in New Point Pipera can transform your daily routine into an endless holiday. In this context, New Point Pipera can be the best residential option for your needs.


If you are looking for a home, make an appointment for an open house! It’s the easiest way to make sure that you have found what you wanted for.




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